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CentOS 7 is our preferred platform for our CONTACT-CALL CENTER CLOUDSERVER or ONSITE Platform DeanPhone™ Centos


  • Our Unified Cyber Security Methods or UCSM
  • Include 8 VMs inside a VMWare ESXi 6.0 or above Instance
  • 32 to 40 Logical Processor Dell Server
  • Our Unified Cyber Security Methods or UCSM Include 8 VMs inside a VMWare ESXi 6.0
  • Cloud, OnSite or a combination of both, supports multiple location Aggregation Alerts and Advanced Correlation Engine
  • Our SIEM runs on either Centos, Ubuntu or Windows Server 2016 Virtual Machines and can be in our High Speed 1GBS Symetrical Cloud
  • Block Threats in Realtime from our UCSM and Threat Feeds using the UTM OPNSense (or pfSense) VM Firewall - Router
  • Use our UCSM and Multiple Threat Feeds ban Threats in Realtime at the UTM Firewall router
  • Divide your Network up to keep Sensitive IPs, medium and lower Risk IPs segregated without impacting ease of use
  • See for Full Details
Ubuntu 14 and 16 are Certified to run our SIEM, UTM and UCSM. Our OpenSource VMs are available through DeanCyber™ Ubuntu

More Cyber Industrial and VoIP Systems

ASP.NETUse with Microsoft Azure. Easily use our DeanCyber System with Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Compute Cloud, since our VMs, all can be run on Windows, Centos or Ubuntu. Realtime Alarms and Reporting is in .NET, native to  ELK Stack. Asterisk Business PBX - Asterisk VOIP - Ubuntu or Centos PBX in your Office, Call Center or in the Cloud. Cut costs call center seat costs dramatically! Advanced Realtime Control Advanced Realtime Control Real-time Proportional Integral - Diferential Control Software is used in our Cyber Correlation Engine Industrial Control Systems Industrial Systems Point Based Derived Control Systems. Analog, Digital and Equation Base Classes based on a Spherical Coordinate System. Example a PID control Algorithm is an Equation Point.